Age of Invasion

Age of Invasion is a side-scrolling strategy game, where you harvest minerals, build structures, and amass an army to destroy your enemies. The view is from the side rather than the top; this means that flying units actually fly, and you can tunnel under or climb over obstacles. Age of Invasion includes a built-in race and level editor, allowing you to create completely customizable scenarios. (3.02MB)

System Requirements:
96 Mb of RAM (128 Recommended)
Celeron 466 or better
10 Mb free hard drive space
16 bit soundcard
Windows 95 or better
DirectX 5.0
800x600 Display
2-button mouse

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To Do List:
Get multiplayer games working.
Finish the campaigns.


Beta 0.80
The A.I. takes up less CPU time.
Removed the customizable direction keys for creatures. All creatures are now manually controlled with the arrow keys.
The computer's units no longer continually fire when attacking - they only fire when near your units.
The AI now makes more farms/power plants.
Fixed a bug where the AI would (rarely) try to overlap buildings.
Reduced the difficulty of the 'hard' AI. It was just too hard.
Fixed a crash when manually firing a structure's bullets.
Overhauled the animations. You can now specify when to animate a creature in the editor.
Improved performance on slow machines, greatly minimized the occasional jerkiness.
Upgraded to Allegro 4.03
Removed the buggy 'flowing water' code. Now the water remains where it is and the game doesn't crash.

Beta 0.77
Solid buildings and terrain can now be overlapped.
Minor tweaks to the engine.
You now get an error message if you try to play the tutorials with a non-Kazitari species.
Fixed up the mouse: reduced cursor flickering, it turns into a rectangle when mining, ctrl-right click is more reliable
Increased the size of highlighted area when mining.
Updated the level editor.
Mining units can no longer share energy.
Fixed a bug where units would occasionally fire and move for no reason.
Added a hard difficulty level for the AI.
You can now select the computer's species in skirmish battles.

Beta 0.75
Reduced the falling speed of hovering creatures.
Added the 'fast' speed option. Fast in ver0.75 is the same as Normal in ver0.72
Fixed a bug (I think) where the Skirmish AI would stop building its base.
Added a second tutorial level.
Further reduced the bouncing of units on inclined terrain.
Minor changes to the species editor.

Beta 0.72
Upgraded from Allegro 4.00 to 4.02
Doubled the rate at which miners can tunnel through solid terrain.
Smoothed sloped sufaces of solid buildings - ramps are now easier to climb.
Fixed a bug where creatures would be bounced back when climbing slopes.
Fixed a bug where you could win the game if the enemy had no buildings. (but still had creatures)
Added a title screen image, drawn by Rickard Peterson.
Added a water terrain type.
Further increased game speed - now 200% of original.
Fixed a rare bug where selecting terrain to be mined created strange, splotchy mining.
Vastly improved the AI. The computer knows how to mine, build a base, and attacks when it thinks it can win. Doesn't cheat!

Beta 0.70
Added multiple start locations.
Increased the game speed by 50%. You can use the old speed by selecting 'slow' under options.
Fixed some bugs in the menu system.
Fixed the 'price bug' in the species editor.
Fixed a memory leak that would cause your miners to go on strike if you mined near the edges of the map.
A miner that is constructing a building will now wait until the building is complete before going back to mining.
Added some network code that doesn't quite work yet.
A white circle now appears around selected units.

Beta 0.68
Fixed a crash when unloading partially-filled transports.
Fixed a bug where you weren't receiving the right amount of starting units.
Improved handling of Alt-Tab.
Added a tutorial. (finally!)
Minor improvements to the engine.

Beta 0.67
Minor bug fixes in the species editor.
Reduced the cost of creatures by 25%.
You can no longer accidentally overlap your own buildings.
Melee damage is now calculated for you.
Champions' names are in bright yellow.
+ and - appear next to your power, to show whether you are gaining power or losing it.
Fixed a crash in the level editor.
Finished the Kazitari campaign.
Fixed a bug where transported units would be put in 'limbo' if their transport died.
Modified the control system; now units will continue their normal actions even if selected. You manually control them when you hit a key. Shift and control clicking no longer deselects units.

Beta 0.64
Fixed a bug where the species file became corrupted after putting a space in the species name.
Fixed a bug where ^ was appearing at the end of names.
Added day/night cycles.
Increased the damage done by vampiric units, but they no longer gain hit points from attacking buildings.
The maps are now displayed alphabetically.
Minor modifications to the sound.
Fixed a bug where you could select transported units.
Fixed an occasional crash inside the sound section of the species editor.
Changed the name from BioForge to Age of Invasion, Origin had created a game named BioForge in 1995.
Creatures now produce 2 energy per second for each energy slot.
Greatly improved the aim of ranged units.
Fixed a bug where buildings weren't sharing energy efficiently.

Beta 0.60
Re-did the entire graphics system; there is now zero flickering and multi color backgrounds are supported.
Added sound effects for creatures and projectiles.
Increased the material gained from mining by 24% (Now get 88 minerals from each load)
Added a central A.I. to coordinate the enemy - includes mining and attack waves.
Mining Depots no longer 'hold' their minerals when selected.
Added a reinforcement function which gives additional starting units.
Added the Pause button.
Fixed a minor bug where the in-game buttons could get stuck 'on'.
Made the file-detection code more robust.
Added a field showing the number of units and mining units you have.
Fixed a bug that allowed vampiric creatures to attack very quickly.
Solid buildings can be built in front of your other buildings.
Many tweaks to speed up game play.

Alpha 0.54
Fixed a bug where you could go off the edge of the map.
Improved the A.I. of flying units.
Added descriptions and starting locations to maps.
Added the repair and healing abilities.
There are now 3 technology levels, which limit the max value of units.
Fixed several bugs in the level editor.
Added the Attack button.

Alpha 0.50
Greatly reduced the continuous bouncing of ground-based units.
Added the level editor.
Fixed a crash when editing projectile graphics.
Made buildings more resistant to rough terrain.
Ctrl-right click draws level areas of mining.
The production time is now calculated for you.
The Kazitari are now complete, and the Legions are playable.
Fixed a memory leak.
Various minor bug fixes in the engine.

Alpha 0.46
Reduced flicker while scrolling.
Doubled the amount of material gained from mining.
Fixed a bug where you could make buildings in the sky.
Improved control over your units - added stand ground and fixed the move command.
Added the delete button.
Fixed the regeneration ability.
Minor bug fixes in the editor.

You can contact me at with bug reports and feature requests.